About Me

Hi I’m Tom.  I’m here because I love writing about my favorite hobbies.  I’m a big DIY proponent and love the thrill of tackling a project on my own.  It’s great fun scouring the web for ideas about whatever home or garden project I’m currently working on.

I am married with a bunch of kids (5 to be exact), and also have a full time job.  Therefore, like a lot of you (most likely) the amount of extra time and money I have is limited.  I wanted to develop this site for my own enjoyment and to inspire others to learn how to manage pesky gophers and moles on their own.

I started trapping gophers at around 10 years old and have gone through a lot of trial and error over the years.  Of course if I had the internet when I first started, that would’ve really helped!  I hope you learn something here to shorten your learning curve in your gopher and mole management endeavors.

I welcome comments about your methods of reducing the mole and gopher population in your yard since I’m always learning too.  Thanks so much for visiting!

My family