How to Control Gophers and Moles

If you are here you most likely are dealing with gophers or moles.  Getting frustrated and wondering what you have and how to get rid of gophers or how to get rid of moles?  You have arrived at the right place.  We will help you identify which you have, treatment options and some how to information to get you started.

So what animal do you have? Click on the what you see when you look at the ground from the pictures below next to the animal pictured.

Gopher mound

Gopher Mound

Mole Control


Mole Tunnel

Mole Tunneling
















We feel our goodwill will bring us fortune through karma.  If you have questions or feel you need some help please email at and we will try to help you through email.  Sending pictures and detailed information in the first email is helpful.

Please read through the site about gophers or moles and how to tell which one you have.  We discuss their behavior, how to treat for gophers and how to treat for moles.  If you are in Southern California you can call us out to provide service for your home or business.  For the local customers we quote pricing over the phone and service comes with a 45-day guarantee with poison and non-poison pet friendly methods.

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